sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2021


 LOOK Female:

adorsy - Mayia Laced Shirt Fatpack - Maitreya

adorsy - Mayia Bralette Fatpack - Maitreya

adorsy - Mayia Denim Shorts Fatpack - Maitreya


.random.Matter. - Astral Sabbat - Choker [Black/Gold]

MVT - Blackberry margarita in Skull@Salem

Tableau Vivant - Ramona [v.1]@C88

Banana Beauty: Sally Lipgloss

LOOK Male:

Pare.Arco Graphic Tee - Etements (BJ)

Pare.Arco Chinos - Onyx v2 (BJ)




K&S - // the lost cemetery

DRD - Forest Ritual Site - Cauldron

DRD - Killer's Cabin - Trash

DRD - The Cemetery - Ground Roots - Large

50% off at Shop and Hop DRD is on the Frosted region

quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2021



[DS] Neo Warrior - Jake

[DS] Neo Warrior - Helmet

[DS] Neo Warrior - Sword R

[DS] Neo Warrior - Sword L

      [Damaged Society]


TROPIX // Cyber corridor 01

terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2021

LOOK-1148:High School Arhi


Melange: Mila Top LG [Camo 1]@Dreamday

hive // study buddy style 3 w/pencil bag . hold R

MVT - Must have phone HOLD

KUNI - Cassie (M) (Medium Boobs)

Skin Glam Affair Gaia 002

/ HEAD / lel EvoX GAIA 3.1



TROPIX // School Interior BackDrop 01@Man Cave

BROKEN ARROWS - Girl's Dream - Pink Books & Candle

segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2021

LOOK-1147:I hope some day you'll join us

 LOOK Júli's:

Tres Blah - Bardot Cotton Top - Fatpack [Legacy]

L&B *  LARAfit* Swear Aimee Leather Pants

Hair:Lamb. Boy (Large)


Bag:MVT - Padded bag - Black latex@Level

LaGyo_Cloudine Headpiece - Black

LaGyo_Cloudine Earrings - Red L

/ HEAD / lel EvoX FLEUR 3.1


Just BECAUSE Velma Sweater - FatPack (Lara)

Just BECAUSE Velma Skirt - FatPack (Lara)


MOVEMENT - Babbie clutch - Black@Anthem

REVOUL - 'Have Merciana' Braids / Small@K9

/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0

LOOK Pedro's:

[ENFORCER] Sweater Rhino (Jake)

[ENFORCER] Pants Sloth (Jake)



hive // cold brew coffee to go . large . hold L

/ HEAD / lel EvoX DEVON 3.1

K&S - // neon street. backdrop w. lights

sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2021

LOOK-1146:"Akali that girl, 'Kali go grr" 🎵🎵


=Zenith=Akali Jacket Only Legacy

=Zenith=Akali Jacket/Top Legacy

=Zenith=Akali Pants Legacy


[monso] My Hair - Akali

/ HEAD / lel EvoX FLEUR 3.1

Pose:[R2xSAC]Keigetsu pose-06 Kunai


TROPIX // Factory Platform Backdrop 02 w/smoke@ The Warehouse 

quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2021

LOOK-1145:Girls Just Want To Have Fun


[SEYMOUR Garment] Viviane Dress (Legacy)

JUMO Originals - ELIZABETHA Earring - Right


Hair:tram J1007 hair(A)

Skin:Deetalez Sasha lelEVOX MIXEDTYPE@Uber

Decor and pose:

Amitie Life the Roof Building+Scene

Amitie Live the Roof Single POSE HUD


quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2021

LOOK-1144:A place to return...

 LOOK Male:

[ ERAUQS ] - Scott Plaid Shirt - ( Jake )@Man Cave

[ ERAUQS ] - Nog Sweatpants - ( Jake )



/ HEAD / lel EvoX GEN 3.1

LOOK Female:

Seniha. Batiste Dress // Legacy

**UTOPIA@Design** - "VINCENZA" - (Legacy)


hive // cold brew coffee to go . hold L

Pet:[BB] French Mastiff Puppy Hold Emote@k9

Hair:NOVA. Dylan@Level

/ HEAD / lel EvoX FLEUR 3.1


Amitie Casa Alma2@Access

[Black Bantam] Little Boy Justin Gray 02

GOOSE - Scary pumpkin orange A

GOOSE - Scary pumpkin orange B

TLC Chicken Gacha 12 Common [Blogger]

TLC Chicken Gacha 13 Common [Blogger]

TLC Chicken Gacha 11 Common [Blogger]

TLC Chicken Gacha 1 RARE [Blogger]

[Bad Unicorn] 'Red' Backwoods Lounger (PG)

--ANHELO-P01BR-185GA :: shed side tree (brown)

(Milk Motion) the forest skybox scene

GOOSE - Scary pumpkin orange C